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Clutch and brake are most important part of a car; any inconsistencies in their function can lead to a mishap. Therefore, the car brake and clutch repair/service should be conducted at a regular interval. Being one of the best car brake repair/service centre in Ravenhall, EUROJAP AUTOWERKS has a modern garage in Ravenhall that is capable of fixing any clutches or brakes problem. We recommend you to get brake system checked and serviced every six months to keep them in working order. Maintenance and repair work on your brakes should always be carried out by a professional.


Are your vehicle’s brakes in need of urgent attention? Are you looking for an effective and reliable team of automotive experts to keep your car on the road? Contact EUROJAP AUTOWERKS, Our experienced technicians conduct a comprehensive inspection of your car’s braking system components and can advise you on any necessary brake repair service items.

Our inspections include but are not limited to: spongy brake pedal, low brake fluid levels and uneven wear on brake pads and brake rotors. We recommend you always perform a brake system check when planning long road trips. This ensures the best possible car performance and safety.

If you notice any of this, you need to get your brakes checked and fixed as soon as possible:-

Noise while pressing brakes Hard/Low pedal
Locking brakes Warning brake light(“!”)
Vibration (vehicle or steering) Car pulling to one side on applying brakes
Brake pedal spongey

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We will assist you in getting your brakes fixed. We only use high quality brake parts.

We also do genuine brake service by detail inspection and using best fluids that help brakes to work smoothly and last long.



Clutch failure will put your vehicle out of service. Eurojap service and replace clutches for cars, trucks and any commercial vehicle.
We use high quality clutch kits and parts including machining of flywheel, also reconmending other options for upgrades to suit the use of the vehicle.

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EUROJAP AUTOWERKS can inspect and service or replace your shockers, steering and suspension components. From Ball Joints to Tie Rod ends to strut mountings, we can get your car back on the road feeling like new.


Over the years we have been able to work on a number of vehicles. We take pride in helping our clients when they need our assistance. It is our policy to follow strong work ethics and keep our customers fully satisfied.

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Does your car need a service from a mechanic near Ravenhall, Derrimut, Deer Park, Caroline Springs, Burnside, Truganina, Ardeer, Taylors Hill, Tarneit and surrounding areas? Call EUROJAP AUTOWERKS Service Centre on (03) 8390 0888, (04)2561 4090 today for an effective brake repair service at an affordable price or drop by; we are located at Factory 2 / 68 Rebecca Drive, Ravenhall VIC, 3023, Australia.